Monetization Solutions for OTT and Entertainment

How to grow an online entertainment business and reduce subscriber churn?   There has been plenty of growth in the online entertainment industry recently, especially as far as OTT (over-the-top) video services go. The incredible success seen by online vide subscription services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix has brought the OTT/entertainment markets to unseen…

The Connected Car Race Speeds On

There are a number of ways to define “connected cars” – all of which related to the ability of the car to connect sensors, devices such as smartphone or tablet, or car ports to enable a number of functions including navigation, checking the state of the components such as the engine, infotainment, home/office, infrastructure, businesses, services and many more.

VoIP Provider Directory

This list of VoIP providers will help with any questions about an IP phone service that you have. There are different kinds of services offered by VoIP providers; they are residential, business, wholesale and mobile. Providers will usually supply the hardware as well as the software to get your internet phone service up and running.