FlyBilling is an innovative cloud billing, rating, and settlement service for any industry, any business model, and any revenue stream – Just Measure and Monetize It.

Customer 360 degree view

FlyBilling provides an intuitive customer management portal for 360 degree view of a customer for product, sales, and finance teams. Moreover, it enables automatically turning services on and off, validating entitlements, checking usage, analyzing customer behavior and more. FlyBilling is a full-service subscription management platform, allowing you to attract and retain loyal customers.

Innovative Pricing

Profitability of cloud based services is highly dependent on offering the right price for the right customers at the right time. XaaS providers must provide a billing and revenue management solution that offers one-time, real-time, recurring or usage based charges. Metrics for charging may include named hosts, CPU, storage, tiered and thresholds of usage volumes. Subscription charges could change from an initial promotion to a follow-on terms.

Configure, Price, Quote
Flybilling CPQ accommodates the unprecedented volume of unique billing configurations made possible by new consumption-based services and supports a wide array of order configuration – from simple subscriptions, to complex, multi-product purchases. Simply product catalogs and support flexibility in bundling and pricing to ultimately increase sales.

Real-time Rating
Real-time rating equates to faster time to revenue with consumption-based and multi-dimensional pricing models. Rather than wait until month-end to apply price changes, notify customers of renewals or trigger overage notifications as they occur. FlyBilling makes these adjustments in real-time, making sure every revenue opportunity is captured automatically.

FlyBilling allows you to tax your products and services. Moreover, you may calculate sales and communications taxes automatically from the leading online tax source, Avalara.

Billing & Invoicing
Our platform makes it easy to manage complex billing scenarios — including prorated amounts for partial term billing events, coterminous billing and billing in arrears — as well as both automated and manual renewals. We also ensure you bill accurately for accurately for term, tiered and usage-based subscriptions. Your customers can have a clear itemization of all their charges in one complete invoice.

Payment Processing
You can rely on FlyBilling as your merchant of record — a true partner that handles every aspect of global payment processing from securely and accurately collecting payments
to issuing refunds, defending against chargebacks, recording and reconciling your transaction data.

FlyBilling enables RESTfull APIs, ensuring seamless integration with systems such as ERP, CRM, and so many others.