FlyBilling is an innovative cloud billing, rating, and settlement service for any industry, any business model, and any revenue stream – Just Measure and Monetize It.

Moreover, FlyBilling is a pay-as-you-go subscription and usage-based billing, ideal for media, communications, utilities, education, the Internet of Things, and healthcare industries, for all sorts of Cloud infrastructures, and for many, many more companies

Features that help you run your Business better

Benefits You will Gain

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    FlyBilling provides an easy-to-use product catalogue for managing the complete range of products, addOns, plans, discounts, services, zones, and rate plans.

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    FlyBilling provides an intuitive customer management portal for maintaining all your customers’ details.

  • Recurring

    FlyBilling supports a wide range of recurring billing features, such as prorated charges, trials, setup fees, metered usage, and configurable billing periods.

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    FlyBilling offers pre-built payment gateway options, including Paypal, BrainTree,, and Stripe.

  • Usage based rating

    FlyBilling enables service providers to go beyond subscription billing, providing flexible usage-based rating.

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    FlyBilling service is being run on Amazon and enables SSL encryption for all communications.

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    FlyBilling provides insight into customer activity and how your business is performing, with analytics that put the spotlight on key operational metrics.

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    FlyBilling enables RESTfull APIs, ensuring seamless integration with systems such as ERP, CRM, and so many others.

  • SalesForce

    FlyBilling provides the ability to create plans, products, charge customers credit cards, track invoices and transactions – all done easily within Salesforce.

  • Taxes

    FlyBilling allows you to tax your products and services. Moreover, you may calculate sales and communications taxes automatically from the leading online tax source, Avalara.

The FlyBilling Ecosystem

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